Elite Swiss Coach


Developing the swiss sport talents

Elite Swiss Coach is a firm of independent Swiss coaches who joined forces to offer  mental training services for sportsmen and women that are second to none. Fans of competitive and top-level sports, we love spending time with athletes and coaches on the field, in training sessions or in competition.

Sportsmen are veritable emotional conductors, and our goal is to ensure they maintain their motivation. We strive to bring a humane and stimulating approach to performance, as well as professional listening skills and a neutral, outside point of view.

Our mission is to train promising and elite young sporting talents in mental preparation and to raise awareness among coaches, clubs and youth academies of the advantages of mental preparation. We motivate the athletes to explore their full potential.

Our goal is to support and promote the training of promising athletes by emphasizing their progress and their autonomy.

Our approaches are based on scientific methods and tools.

Mental preparation is a construction laid out in a structured action plan and worked out in tandem with the athlete.

Mental training is one aspect of an athlete’s general preparation; it complements his physical, technical and tactical preparation.  

At Elite Swiss Coach, we take great pleasure in your progress, with innovative and fun techniques being the hallmark of our approach.