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By developing their mental strength, we motivate athletes to explore their full potential

Valérie Andreetto

Valérie holds a university degree in Mental Training and Athlete’s Psychology

  • University Degree in Mental Training and Athlete’s Psychology
  • Certified professional Coach
  • Expert J+S, Swissaquatics Federation, lecturer at the Federal School for Sport in Macolin (Switzerland)
  • Business Consultant
  • Speaker

After a career as an executive assistant to private sector leaders and international organizations, Valérie founded the Elite Swiss Coach firm in 2012, specializing in coaching top athletes. She is a specialist of high-pressure environments, such as international competitions, the Olympic Games and the corporate world.

In 2013, she assessed the interactive animations of the new Olympic Museum in Lausanne. At the Federal High School of Sports in Macolin, she perfects since 2012 the J+S coaches, commissioned by the Swiss Aquatics Federation. She regularly gives seminars and public lectures on managing pressure and the role of emotions.

Valérie has accompanied more than 180 elite athletes in more than 30 disciplines (football, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, car racing, running (marathon), athletics (sprint, long jump, hurdles), swimming, triathlon, diving, badminton, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, figure skating, motocross, cycling, horse riding and jumping, table tennis, fencing, judo, golf, pistol shooting, sailing,  volleyball, rugby and handball) and provided over 2'000 hours of individual coaching.

Passionate about mental strength and the quest for excellence, Valérie also works in companies to provide performance optimization tools that can be extrapolated to executives. She works to help managers develop their mental strength by knowing how to better manage their energy and protect their motivation.

She regularly consults for the swiss media, including the RTS (Sports-Dimanche) and the Matin-Dimanche to talk about performance and the benefits of good preparation.

Enthusiastic, positive and creative, she passionately engages herself every day in order to advance performance actors in their ambitions. Valérie practices performance coaching based on self-confidence. She is fluent in English and Italian.

“If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Astrid Espinosa

  • Degree from Clermont-Ferrand University (France) in Mental Preparation and Performance.
  • Master’s degree in Pedagogy from Geneva University.
  • Certified professional Coach.
  • Arts graduate, she teaches at the Département de l’Instruction Publique in Geneva.


Astrid Espinosa specializes in teenage and young adult athletes, basing her coaching on the relationship between them and their environment. Her objective as a coach is to allow all sportsmen and women to find just the right balance between their private, professional and sporting lives, which is, according to her, the only possible way to get the best out of yourself as an athlete. Apart from her diligent work with young athletes, she helps out coaches who are they themselves in need of coaching. She also carries out consulting work on their behalf, passing on her coaching and teaching know-how acquired with teenagers and young adults.

For ten years she has lent a helping hand to the footballers and coaches at Meyrin Football Club in Geneva.

“The human aspect is the central focus of my work. I act with total respect for the other person and for his or her values, and am always there to listen. Alongside the coach, we bring out the best in those present by aligning each athlete’s strengths in order to attain individual and team goals. The one thing of which I’m certain is that they all possess within themselves the necessary abilities to achieve their objectives. I am there to make them aware of this fact. I have always been comfortable dealing with young sportsmen and women; thanks to my job as a teacher and my many years of experience working with Meyrin Football Club, I understand their language and their concerns, which enables me to quickly establish a climate of trust between us. Finally, my interest in other people, especially in teenagers and their behavior, makes me both efficient and passionate. Nothing motivates me more to make progress than seeing others make progress themselves.” - Astrid Espinosa