Elite Swiss Coach


Performance and balance

At Elite Swiss Coach, we respect and regard every sportsman and woman as person in progress. Every athlete is unique and we work while respecting their physical and mental integrity.

As far as promising young Swiss talent (Espoirs) is concerned, we always take their age, ability and the specifics of their sport into account. The Swiss Convention for children in sports is guiding our interventions.

In sport in general, we believe strongly in exhibiting fair play towards your opponents, in your actions as well as in your words.

The values of Elite Swiss Coach are pleasure, the pursuit of excellence, self-development, genuineness and balance.

It is important to us to pass on these human values, of working toward and achieving goals together during each one of our sessions. Each athlete is at the heart of his own project, and we are constantly present to listen so that he or she can construct their own mental preparation.

Our ethical values and principles are extremely rigorous. We are professional certified coaches, bound to respect the standards of the ICF’s code of conduct. In addition, our obligation to lifelong learning and supervision enables us to develop and widen our own knowledge. As sport actors, we respect the Swiss Sport Ethical Code.

“Is there anything more admirable than a man intensely wishing for victory but still able to respect his own defeat? Than a man capable of putting his life on the line in battle but who never loses his sense of loyalty? Or a man who pays homage to the strength of his opponent, and even hopes for his opponent to be stronger, because the greater the opponent, the greater the chance he will rise to the occasion himself […]. It is through this duality – fighting spirit and magnanimity –, through this extraordinary combination of qualities that sport acts as a messenger [...]. It’s the path taken by winners with class – the noble path, the path of legends!” - F. Ducasse