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Raising a sporty child

“Parental love is silent sacrifice. All love is sacrifice.” - Arnon Grunberg.

Along with the coach, a young sporty child’s parents will have the greatest influence on his or her young life. But while the life of a coach is easily defined, it is not so easy for parents.

How do you get past the clichés that sometimes follow you around as the parents of a sporty child? “He’s pushing him too much”, “He’s living vicariously through his child”, “He loves the proxy victories he wins though his son”.

Being the parent of a young athlete raises the question of the role that we assume in order to support our child to the best of our ability. Sometimes it’s tough to do the right thing and find the right role. Do my presence and my behavior help my child to get better results? Am I too demanding, or not demanding enough? Do I sometimes take the place of his coach? Do I cause more pressure or provide extra motivation for my child?

This module is aimed at parents of athletes, be they children or teenagers, whose offspring are involved in a demanding sport. It is also aimed at parents who coach.


Raising a sporty child