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Athletes: mental training and mental coaching

Do you ever find yourself…

  • Having good results in training and not be able to reproduce them in competition?
  • Feeling like "stuck" on important issues?
  • Seeing your confidence flounder in tough times?
  • Experiencing a low motivation without knowing how to boost it back?
  • Having trouble getting over your mistakes?

Whatever your obstacles, Elite Swiss Coach helps you to recognize the factors limiting your performance and to put together an action plan. After carrying out an analysis of your needs, we will identify together the priorities of your personalized mental training program.

We create full tailored solutions because we believe that every sportsman is unique. Thanks to your new self-efficacy, you will develop your skills to progress, with even more pleasure. We guarantee professional listening skills combined with a neutral and independant point of view.

Ours offices are located in Geneva and we are also available online, with Skype or Zoom.


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“Someone who is a champion in his own mind will be recognizable by his need to constantly understand and feed his passion or project by making continuous progress and new discoveries, and taking on new challenges.”
- F. Ducasse, author of Champion dans la tête (‘Champion in your mind’).

Successful mental preparation with Elite Swiss Coach